How to join

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Bristol Medico Legal Society, you are welcome to apply. The membership fee is only £30 per year. All of your talks throughout the year are free to Members, although if you wish to have food and wine before the talk, there is an additional charge for this. Membership also entitles you to a reduced ticket price for you plus one guest at the Annual Dinner.

Please complete the application form below and send it to Beatrice, our Legal Secretary ( Beatrice will gladly propose you for membership if you meet the eligibility criteria (professional qualifications of Doctor, Dentist, Solicitor, Barrister or Veterinary Surgeon) and either Hannah Volpe or Ali Cloak will be happy to second you.

Alternatively, we do offer Associate Membership for, for example, medical or legal students or academics. Please contact Beatrice for more details about this including cost and whether you could qualify for an Associate Membership.

Please complete the form here and return it to the address included.