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Programme 2021 / 2022

Thursday 21st October 2021 

Dr Jules Brown, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 

‘COVID transmission: ball or aerosol?’ (and the BMLS AGM)

Thursday 18th November 2021 

Mr Leslie Hamilton, Chair, Independent Review of Gross Negligence Manslaughter and Culpable Homicide – Working for a Just Culture 

‘Does the Criminal Law make care safer for patients?’ 

Thursday 20th January 2022 

Dr Sarah Wollaston, Former Chair of the Parliamentary Health and Select Committee 

‘Medicine and Politics, what’s the difference?’

Friday 11th March 2022 


Our annual dinner with guest speaker, the Honourable Mr Justice Cotter.

Thursday 12th May 2022 

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in sport. Expert panel discussion, panel to be confirmed.