History of BMLS

A skeleton chronology of meetings:





Annual Dinner



Professor Richard Huxtable – Assisted Dying, the Law and the Ethics





Annual dinner

Charlotte Leslie, MP


11 May 2017





10 March 2017

Ordinary meeting Heather Thompson, Medical Detection Dogs 26 January 2017
Ordinary meeting Professor David Nutt (Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology, Imperial College London)

 ‘Legal Highs’

21 January 2016
Annual Dinner Mr Nazir Afzal (Ex Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS in the Northwest) 4 March 2016
Debate Debating the issue of the NHS and corporate manslaughter with pupils from St Johns, Guildhall and Albion Chambers 14 April 2016
AGM Dr Ben Gupta – “Working with Medecins Sans Frontieres”


12 May 2016
 Ordinary meeting  Baroness Susan Greenfield‘How digital technologies are leaving their mark on our brains’  20 October 2016
Ordinary meeting Alan Hunter, Director of Claims at the NHS LA

From Litigation to Prevention’


24 November 2016


Ordinary meeting Dr John Carlisle – Fraud in Clinical Research 22 January 2015
Annual Dinner Dr Richard Hardie 6 March 2015
Debate Debating the issue of assisted dying, with a team from Bristol University 16 April 2015
AGM Alan Collins – The Jimmy Saville sexual abuse allegations


Elected President: Dr Judith Jones

Elected Vice President: Wendy Brown

21 May 2015
Ordinary meeting Professor Lois Bibbings – ‘Binding men: stories about violence and law in late Victorian England’ 22 October 2015
Ordinary meeting Dr Bob Spencer, Consultant in Public Health and Infectious Diseases – Ebola: A rumble in the jungle. 26 November 2015
Ordinary Meeting Dr Chris Jarvis, Medical Advisor to Team GB Cycling “Doping in cycling: Past problems and future solutions” 23 January 2014
Annual Dinner Dr Jim Down, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine at University College London Hospital – Polonium 210 and the former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko 7 March 2014
Ordinary Meeting Dr Stuart Hamilton, Home Office Forensic Pathologist “Old bones and new eyes: the role of exhumation in 21st century forensic investigation” 10 April 2014
AGM Professor Jeremy Tavaré,

Director of the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research

15 May 2014
Ordinary Meeting Susie Orbach, Psychotherapist – Why men murder children 16 October 2014
Ordinary Meeting Camilla Brown – Unchosen 20 November 2014



Ordinary Meeting Dr Andrew Longstaff, Consultant Radiologist, Frenchay Hospital January 24th 2013
Radiation Can Be Good For You: How Imaging Has Revolutionised Surgical Practice
Annual Dinner The Mansion House, Bristol March 1st 2013
Guest of Honour: Paul Bowen QC
Ordinary Meeting Mr Chris Goulden, Children’s Solicitor April 11th 2013
Keeping Children (and their doctor) Safe: Controversies in Child Protection Law and its Implementation
AGM Elected President: Mr Tim Grice.
Elected Vice-President: Dr Judith Jones
Elected Medical Secretary: Dr Sarah Martindale
Members Papers:
Dr Martin Plummeridge: “Working is bad for your health!”
Mr Alan Montague: “Dead Heat” – a marathon doc’s experience
Ordinary Meeting Mr Christopher Jefferies, retired schoolmaster and Leveson Inquiry contributor: “Ethics and the Media” October 17th 2013
Ordinary Meeting Miss Helen Mulvein, Legal Advisor to HM Foreign and Commonwealth Office: November 21st 2013
From Treaties to Trailers: the Role of the Foreign Office Legal Advisor


Ordinary Meeting Dr Fergus MacBeth, Director of the Centre for Clinical Practice, National Institute for Clinical Excellence. January 24th 2012
Nasty or N.I.C.E. ?
Annual Dinner The Mansion House, Bristol March 2nd 2012
Guest of Honour: Professor Mike Grocott
Ordinary Meeting Miss Lois Bibbings, Senior Law Lecturer, University of Bristol March 27th 2012
Do or Die? Conscientious Objection in Medical Practice
AGM Adoption of move to The Engineer’ House, Clifton. May 15th 2012
Members’ Papers 1. The President, Dr Louise Foster: “Dentistry on the ocean waves: the QE2 and working aboard her”
2. The Medical Secretary, Alan Montague: “Chemical Weapons: The Moral Argument”
Ordinary Meeting NEW VENUE: The Engineers’ House, Clifton October 18th 2012
Dr Jules Blackham, Consultant Emergency Physician,Pre-Hospital Physician
The Helicopter Emergency Medical Service: Focussed Excellence, Expensive Fun or Both?
Ordinary Meeting Professor Richard Williams OBE, TD, FRCPsych November 27th 2012
Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
War and Civilian Catastrophe: Preventing, Mitigating and Treating the Horrors


Ordinary Meeting Mr Richard Edwards FRCS, Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon. January 25th 2011
Identifying Non-Accidental Head Injury In A Child
Annual Dinner The Mansion House, Bristol February 25th 2011
Speaker: The Lord Hunt of Wirral
Ordinary Meeting Dr Clare Kendall, Consultant Physician in Palliative Medicine: March 17th 2011
The End of Life: Making the Decisions
Short Papers A Run on the Bank: The Southmead Litigation. Miss Karen Sanders LLM May 19th 2011
Pleural Plaques: Asbestos Pathology: Dr Nick Maskell, Chest Physician
AGM Elected: President:
Dr Louise Foster BDS(Manc), PhD(Bristol), FRACDS
Ordinary Meeting Mr Nigel Mercer FRCS, Consultant Plastic Surgeon October 20th 2011
The Desire for Perfection in a Flawed World: Regulation of  Injectable Cosmetic Treatments
Ordinary Meeting Professor David Maguire PhD FRGS  Former Chief Scientist, Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc.: November 24th 2011
Why there is no such thing as a postcode lottery: Geographical Information Systems and the New Medico-Legal Geography


Ordinary Meeting Dr Russell Delaney FRCPath. “Military Fatalities and the Role of the  Forensic Pathologist in Modern Military Medicine” January 21st
Annual Dinner The Mansion House, Bristol February 26th
Speaker: Dr Ed Coates
Ordinary Meeting Professor Raymond Tallis: “Medical Ethics in the Real Mess of the Real World” March 25th
Short Papers Dr Adam Brown, Emergency Physician “Helicopter Emergency Medical Services: High Risk and High Exposure” May 13th
AGM Dr Jules Brown, Intensive Care Physician: Diving Medicine
Ordinary Meeting Professor Gareth Williams, former Dean of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Bristol: “Edward Jenner and the discovery of vaccination: a medical and moral tale” October 14th
Ordinary Meeting Sir Peter Simpson FRCA, Chairman UK Donation Ethics Committee: “Organ Donation  and Transplantation: Removing the Obstacles” November 25th


Ordinary Meeting The Rt Hon Lord Owen CH FRCP January 22nd
In Sickness And In Power: Illness in heads of government.
Annual Dinner The Mansion House, Bristol February 27th
Speaker:: Dr George Papworth
Ordinary Meeting Dr John Croft March 31st
Polonium 210 and the Litvinyenko Incident
Short Papers Christopher Sharp QC: “The similarities between the trials of Saddam Hussein and King Charles 1” May 14th
John Kilmister: “Everything you ever wanted to know about asbestos but were afraid to ask”
AGM Elected:
President: Ms Kay McCluskey
Ordinary Meeting Dr Guy Norfolk: Forensic Services for Rape Victims October 22nd
Ordinary Meeting Mr Christopher Rollings:  Work of the Expert Witness in General Aviation Accidents November 26th


Ordinary Meeting Dr Michael Milne, Consultant, Frenchay Hospital Jan 24th
Triage for Intensive Care: (Un) Just, (Un) Necessary and (Un) Kind
Annual Dinner The Mansion House, Bristol Feb 22nd
Speaker: Dr Paul Knapman FRCP FRCS DMJ. HM Coroner for Inner West London sitting at Westminster
MrBryan Harvey BDS FGDP(UK) Deputy Head of the Dental Defence Union:
Ordinary Meeting The Ethics of Dentistry: The Other Side of the Fence April 3rd
Members’ Papers Erwin Brown: “Understanding Mrs A”: Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus and other superbugs May 8th
Timothy Chambers: “Stuffing their mouths with gold(s)” The Clinical Excellence Awards Scheme for NHS Consultants.
Julie Chappell: The Impact of the Obesity Epidemic on the NHS
Ordinary Meeting Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green  HM Commissioner for Children October 23rd
11 Million Reasons for a Childrens’ Commissioner
Ordinary Meeting Mr Bertie Leigh, Senior Partner, Hempsons November 27th
The Doctor and Society – why is it a dysfunctional relationship and how far is the Law to blame?


Ordinary Meeting Mr Donald Sammut FRCS FRCS (Plas) Jan 25th
Leprosy in Anandwan, Central India:. Account of the Work of Baba Amte: Lawyer, Doctor, Visionary.
Annual Dinner The Mansion House, Bristol Feb 22nd
Speaker Mr Nigel Pascoe QC
Ordinary Meeting Mr Robert Slack FRCS, Consultant ENT Surgeon, Member GMC March 29th
Whatever Is Going On At The General Medical Council?
Members’ Papers Mark Cheesman: Elder abuse; a case  study May 10th
Colette Reid: Morphine after Shipman
Eugene Lloyd: Professional discipline of dental and medical students
Ordinary Meeting Prof David Blake FRCP Professor of Bone and Joint Medicine, Univ. of Bath Oct 25th
Mad, Sad, Bad, Sick or Thick? An analysis of chronic pain states.
Ordinary Meeting Andrew Hopper QC Nov 29th
Defending Solicitors: “The Star Chamber”
AGM Elected Legal Secretary: Miss Hannah Volpé


Ordinary Meeting Dr Michael Powers QC Jan 26th
Ordinary Meeting The Complaints Culture, Child Protection and Paediatricians March 30th
Dr Harvey Marcovitch: Consultant Paediatrician
Members’ Papers Dudley Thomas: Adoption and the Children Act May 11th
Alan Montague: Doctors’ Error and Manslaughter Prosecution
John Henderson: Medical Issues Affecting Children
Annual Dinner Speaker: Denzil Lush, Master, Court of Protection Feb 24th
Medoc: Ch. Carcanieux 1996
Ordinary Meeting General Sir John Deverill KCB OBE FRSA FICPD Oct 26th
The Utility and Morality of War in the Present Day
Ordinary Meeting Mr Gordon Bebb QC Nov 30th
Corporate Manslaughter
AGM Elected President: Dr TL Chambers OBE JP FRCP
Elected Medical Secretary: Alan Montague FRCS


Ordinary Meeting Computer Derived Evidence Jan 20th
Professor Neil Bartlett: Technical Director, Information Risk Management plc, Visiting Professor, Computer Crime, Cranfield University.
Annual Dinner The Mansion House, Bristol Feb 25th
Speaker: Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss DBE
Ordinary Meeting To Sleep, Perchance to Offend March 17th
Dr Jonathan Bird, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, The Burden Centre, Bristol
Members’ Papers Frank Walters: “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness”. Bringing Anaesthesia to Deprived Parts of the World May 12th
Bill Owen:  The Employment Tribunal: “Claimants always win, don’t they?”
Summer Social Gathering Gatcombe Court June 17th
Ordinary Meeting Success is a Funeral: Practicalities of the Identification Procedures in the Recent Tsunami Tragedy in Sri Lanka and Thailand Oct 27th
Dr John Robson: President, British Association for Forensic Odontology
Ordinary Meeting Rotten Eggs in the Omlette, Can We Identify Poorly Performing Doctors Without Embarking on an Expensive Witch-Hunt? Nov 24th
AGM Prof Christopher Bulstrode, Professor of Trauma and Orthopaedics, University of Oxford, Member of the GMC


Ordinary Meeting Governing a modern Prison – Preparing For Release Jan 22nd
Miss Veronica O’Dea, Governor HMP and YOI Ashfield
Annual Dinner The Mansion House, Bristol Feb 27th
Ch Timberlay, Bordeaux Superieur 1998 Speaker Dr Phil Hammond
Ordinary Meeting Alzheimer’ Disease, A Suitable Case For Treatment March 25th
Prof Gordon Wilcock, Professor in Care of the Elderly, University of Bristol
Members’ Papers Tim Chambers: Salt Poisoning In Infancy and Childhood – Fact or Fiction? May 13th
Alice Roberts: Time Team – the Skeleton Evidence
David Dixon: Signing Your Life Away?
Summer Social Gathering Gatcombe Court June 18th
Ordinary Meeting Men from Out of Town: Experts on Trial October 21st
Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC
Ordinary Meeting Forensic Animation – Does Graphic Evidence Aid Understanding? Nov 25th
Dr Damian Schofield PhD, Lecturer ScHEME, University of Nottingham, Director, AIMS Solutions, Nottingham
AGM Elected President: Mr Andrew Hannam


Ordinary Meeting The Internal Drug Smuggler Jan 23rd
Mr Malcolm Clark, Detection Manager, HM Customs and Excise, Heathrow
Annual Dinner Redland High School Feb 28th
Speaker: Sir Graeme Catto, President GMC,  Dean of Guy’s, Kings and St Thomas’s
Ordinary Meeting Tales of a Peripatetic Pathologist March 20th
Dr Richard Shepherd, Head of Forensic Medicine, St Georges Hospital Medical School
Members’ Papers Dudley Thomas: Current Confusion in Sentencing May 15th
Richard Brown: Desdemona’s  Last Gasp, Some Medico-Legal Problems in Shakespeare
Andrew Gregg: The Real 007
Ordinary Meeting Teeth Tell tales October 23rd
Dr AW (Freddie) Martin, Forensic Odontologist
Ordinary Meeting Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy – A Medico-Legal Emergency Nov 27th
AGM Prof Peter Fleming, Professor of Child Health and Developmental Physiology, University of Bristol


Ordinary Meeting Crime, Science and Crime Science Jan 24th
Dr Tamara Burrows PhD, Senior research Fellow, Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science, University College, London
Annual Dinner Redland High School Feb 22nd
Ch de Haux, 1er Cotes de Bordeaux Speaker: Mr John Royce QC
Ordinary Meeting Ancient Egyptian Mummies: A Resource for Scientific Studies March 21st
Professor Rosalie David, Director, Centre for Biomedical and Forensic studies, University of Manchester
Members’ Papers Hugh Roberts: Why did we do that Malcolm? – The early years of the Bristol Medico-Legal Society May 9th
Harry Espiner: Through the Keyhole – Is It Still on the Map?
Summer Social Gathering June 21st
Ordinary Meeting Easing the Passing October 24th
The Hon Mr Justice Hooper, President of the British Academy  of Forensic Scientists
Ordinary Meeting The Pitfalls of Medical Evidence Nov 28th
Ms Mary Bennett, Barrister
AGM Elected President: Mr Dick Elderton


Ordinary Meeting Heads and Tales Jan 18th
Mr Richard Neave, Artist in Medicine and the Life Sciences, University of Manchester
Annual Dinner The Grand Hall, Colstons Collegiate School Feb 23rd
Speaker: Mike Brearley OBE, Psychotherapist and former England Cricket Captain
Ordinary Meeting Who’s Calling Please? March 22nd
Dr Peter French, Forensic Phonetician
Members’ Papers Ronald Hiles: Medical and Legal Aspects of Acid Attacks in Bangladesh May 10th
Paul Rumley: One Hundred Lawyers at the Bottom of the Ocean?…A Good Start
John Robson: Incident at the Long Tom Pass
Summer Social Gathering Zoo June 22nd
Ordinary Meeting Current Controversies in the Radiological Diagnosis of Non-Accidental Injuries Oct 11th
Dr Stephen Chapman FRCP, FRCPCH, FRCR, Consultant Paediatric Radiologist, Birmingham Childrens’ Hospital
Ordinary Meeting Death, Disaster and reconstruction: A Personal Perspective of Forensic Medicine Nov 22nd
AGM Prof Peter Vanezis, Regius Professor of Forensic Medicine and Science, University of Glasgow
Special Meeting Soiree: Royal West of England Academy Dec 6th


Ordinary Meeting Facial Disfigurement, – Its Causes and Consequences Jan 20th
Mr James Partridge, founder and director, ‘Changing Faces’
Annual Dinner The Grand Hall, Colstons Collegiate School Feb 25th
Speaker: Sir David Ramsbottom GCB CBE, Chief Inspector of HM Prisons
Ordinary Meeting The work of the Police Complaints Authority – a Medical Focus March 23rd
Mrs Molly Meacher, Deputy Chairman, Police Complaints Authority
Members’ Papers ‘A day in the life of…’ May 11th
Jonathan Musgrave: Pre-clinical Dean, Faculty of Medicine
Primrose Salt: Dental Surgeon
Ian Glenn QC: Barrister
Summer Social Gathering Prior Park, Bath 7th July
Ordinary Meeting Rights or Wrongs? The Role of the Courts Oct 19th
Sir Robert Carswell, Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland
Ordinary Meeting Harold Shipman – The Pathologist’s View Nov 23rd
Dr John Rutherford, Home Office Pathologist
AGM Elected President: Dr Ronnie Barber


Ordinary Meeting Body Alteration and the Law Jan 21st
Lois Bibbings, Co-founder, Centre for Law and Gender Studies, University of Bristol
Annual Dinner The Grand Hall, Colstons Collegiate School Feb 26th
Ch Montrose 1985 Speaker: Sir Neil Butterfield QC
Ordinary Meeting How the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme Works March 25th
Mr Michael Lewer QC, Chairman, CICA
Ordinary Meeting The GMC: Setting Standards? May 6th
Sir Cyril Chantler, Council Member GMC,  Dean of UMDS of Guy’s, Kings and St Thomas’s
Summer Social Gathering Clifton Hill House June 30th
Ordinary Meeting Sports Psychology Oct 21st
Dr Steve Bull, Sports Psychologist to England and Wales Cricket Board
Ordinary Meeting Mauritius; a Policing Experience Dec 9th
Mr David Shattock, personal adviser to the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Retired Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset
AGM Subscription raised to £20


Ordinary Meeting The Pathologist’s Contribution to Fatal Accident Investigations Jan 21st
Air Commodore Tony Cullen RAF
Annual Dinner The Council House Feb 27th
Portada (Estramadura) 1995 Tinto Speaker: Prof Walter Nimmo
Ordinary Meeting The Right to Die March 19th
Margaret Branthwaite, Barrister, Consultant Anaesthetist
Members’ Papers Richard Elderton: Has your dentist ripped you off? May 7th
Bernard Rowe: Whiplash injuries and their problems
Ivor Doney: Don’t meddle with our drink driving laws – One man’s view
Summer Social Gathering The Orangery at Goldeney Hall July 3rd
Ordinary Meeting Art, Surgery and Transplantation Oct 8th
Sir Roy Yorke Calne, General Surgeon, Cambridge
Members Papers Chris Torrance: Forensic Fables Nov 19th
Robert Boyd: Tales out of school
Stefan Cembrowicz: Doctors in danger – violent patients
AGM Elected president: Mr William Owen
Special Meeting Wine Tasting, Harveys Wine Museum Dec 1st
John Harvey


Ordinary Meeting What’s New in Medical Ethics? Jan  23rd
Prof A Campbell, Professor of Ethics in Medicine, University of Bristol
Annual Dinner The Council House Feb 28th
Rouge Homme, Coonawarra 1993 Shiraz/Sauvignon Speaker: Prof James Owen Drife,  Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Leeds
Ordinary Meeting The Bedminster Body in Concrete March 27th
Dr Hugh White, Consultant Forensic Pathologist, Southmead Hospital
Members’ Papers Nigel Mercer: My journeys to Russia to operate on “the Red Kids”
Thurston Brewin: Premum non nocere: above all, do no harm May 1st
Charles Clarke: The Clarke War Letters – Legal and Medical Soldiers – 1914-16
Summer Social Gathering Leigh Court, Abbot’s Leigh July 4th
Ordinary Meeting The Mary Rose – Work from the burials from the ship. Oct 9th
Dr Anne Stirland, Human Skeletal Biologist and Paloepathologist
Ordinary Meeting Forensic Entomology Nov 12th
AGM Dr Bryan Turner
Special Meeting Wine Tasting Dec 4th
Avery’s Culver Street Cellars


Ordinary Meeting Samuel Pepys and His Doctors Jan 18th
Mr Alan Amias,  Gynaecologist, Former Medical Director, St George’s Hospital Medical School
Annual Dinner The Council House Feb 23rd
Domaine des Ormeaux, Lussac Saint Emilion Speaker: Dr AW (Sandy) Macara, President BMA
Ordinary Meeting Forensic Fraud
Mr Hugh Tyrynis Thomas MD FRCS FRCS(C) Consultant Lecturer in Surgery March 21st
Members’ Papers Tim Chambers: Phenylketonuria, and Care Proceedings: Sledgehammers and Nuts? May 2nd
Elizabeth MacKenzie: Cervical Screening: To Sue or Not To Sue?
Richard Barnard: WG Grace, Cricketer and Medical Man Extraordinary
Summer Social Gathering Royal West of England Academy July 5th
Ordinary Meeting Serial Murder – Forensic Dental Investigation in the West Case Oct 10th
Dr David Whittaker BDS PhD FDSRCS, Reader in Oral biology and Forensic Dentistry, University of Wales College of Medicine
Ordinary Meeting Bogus Doctors, Getting In, Getting On and Getting Out of Medicine Nov 28th
Dr Joanne Hartland PhD, Senior Researcher, Cardiff Health Authority
AGM Elected President: Dr Robin Weller
Special Meeting Tour of the new Crown Court, Small Street Dec 5th


Ordinary Meeting Adolescent Murderers Jan 19th
Dr Martin Gay MD FRCPsych DPM DCH  Consultant Child Psychiatrist, Bristol
Annual Dinner The Council House Feb 24th
Speaker: Dr David A Pyke CBE MD FRCP
Ordinary Meeting Windsor Castle and More March 23rd
Mr Andrew Wade, MSc Senior Scientific Officer, Metropolitan Police Fire Investigation Unit
Members’ Papers May 4th
Summer Social Gathering The Pathology of Terrorism July 7th
Prof Jack Crane MRCPath, DMJ, State Pathologist and Professor of Forensic Medicine, The Queen’s University of Belfast
Ordinary Meeting Poetry, Prose and Paintings in War Oct 12th
Dr J Campell MacKenzie FRCP, Consultant Nephrologist, Southmead Hospital, Bristol
Ordinary Meeting Nov 30th


Ordinary Meeting Coroner in the Capital Jan 20th
Dr Paul Knapman MB BS, DMJ Barrister. HM Coroner Inner West London
Annual Dinner The Council House Feb 25th
Speaker:  The Hon Mr Justice (Harry) Ognall
Ordinary Meeting Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy Child Abuse March 24th
Professor Roy Meadow MA FRCP, Professor of Paediatrics, St James’s University Hospital, Leeds
Members’ Papers Ivor Doney: Is your bite-mark as good as it should be? May 5th
Stephan Jordan: Why Patients sue their doctors, a cardiologist’s view
Summer Social Gathering July 8th
Ordinary Meeting A Resurrection Oct 13th
Dr Hugh White MRCPath DMJ
Ordinary Meeting
Identification of the Romanov Family by DNA Profiling Nov 24th
Dr Peter Gill BSc PhD, Forensic Science Service, Birmingham
AGM Elected President: Mr Jack Ross


Ordinary Meeting Sport and the Law: Flanneled Fools and Muddied Oafs Jan 21st
Mr Edward Grayson, Barrister
Annual Dinner The Council House Feb 26th
Speaker: Professor David Purdie
Ordinary Meeting Death in the Bush March 25th
Dr Ian West FRCPath, DMJ Consultant Forensic Pathologist, UMDS Guy’s and St Thomas’s
Members’ Papers May 6th
Summer Social Gathering July 9th
Ordinary Meeting The Kaleidoscope Project – A Community Response to Druge Use Oct  7th
The Rev Eric Blakeborough MBE
Ordinary Meeting Persistent Vegetative State, Medical Ethical and Legal Dilemmas
AGM Prof Bryan Jennett OBE FRCS, Institute of Neurological Sciences, Glasgow


Ordinary Meeting Medical Aspects of Motor Racing Jan 30th
MR ES Watkins FRCS, Professor of Neurosurgery, Royal London Hospital, Chief Medical Officer GP Racing
Annual Dinner The Council house Feb 28th
Speaker Mr George Bonney FRCS
Ordinary Meeting The Investigation of Serial Murder March 12th
Prof MA Green, Forensic Pathologist, Sheffield
Members’ Papers Adrian James: Law and disorder; the link between crime and mental disorder May 7th
John Royce: Murder Most Curious
Hugh Roberts: The History of Artificial Hip Replacement
Summer Social Gathering SS Great Britain July 10th
Ordinary Meeting Hostage Debriefing Oct 15th
Dr David Stephens: Psychiatrist, Princess Alexandra Hospital, RAF Wroughton
Ordinary Meeting Bog Bodies Nov 26th
Mr JB Bourke FRCS, Senior Lecturer in Surgery, Nottingham
AGM Elected President: HH Judge Malcolm Cotterill


Ordinary Meeting Wombs For Hire – Surrogacy Jan 24th
Prof Sir Malcolm MacNaughton, Muirhead Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Glasgow
Annual Dinner The Council House Feb 22nd
Speaker: The Hon Mr Justice (Charles) Mantell
Ordinary Meeting The Huguenot Murders March 13th
Dr David Whittaker, Department of Basic Dental Science, University of Wales College of Medicine
Desmond O’Neill: Driving and Dementia
Members’ Papers Colin Sara: Racial Discrimination May 15th
Ronald Pigott: “Up your nose” – Some problems of communication
Summer Social Gathering
Ordinary Meeting The Psychology of Error Oct 24th
Mr JW Chappelow, Principal Psychologist, RAF Institute of Aviation Medicine
Ordinary Meeting In Defence of Fault Nov 21st
Mr MAMS Leigh, Solicitor, Hempsons
AGM Subscription raised to £12


Ordinary Meeting Fiat Justitia: The Trial of Terrorist Offences Jan 26th
The Hon Mr Justice Carswell
Annual Dinner The Council House Feb 23rd
Speaker: Lord Carlisle of Bucklow PC QC DL
Ordinary Meeting Helping the Police With Their Enquiries: Recent Developments in Psychological Research on the Profiling of Offenders March 29th
Robin Keeley in lieu of Professor David Cantor (DNA)
Members’ Papers Tim Chambers: Euthanasia May 16th 1990
James Wisheart: Coronary Artery Surgery
Elizabeth Roberts: Legal Aspects of Transexual Surgery
Ordinary Meeting Crimewatch UK – The Making of the Programme Oct 25th
Helen Phelps, Nicki Cheetham. Researcher, Producer BBC Television
Ordinary Meeting The Hungerford Massacre Nov 22nd
Dr Richard Shepherd, Lecturer in Forensic Medicine, UMDS of Guy’s and St Thomas’s
AGM Elected President: Mr Hugh Roberts


Ordinary Meeting Measures against International Terrorism Jan 26th
Maj Gen Richard Clutterbuck
Annual Dinner The Council House Feb 24th
Speaker: Mr John Rayne FDSRCS
Ordinary Meeting Medico-Legal Aspects of Defective Hearing March 22nd
Prof Ronald Hinchcliffe
Members’ Papers Rosalind Stanwell-Smith: Doctor Snoddy’s Revenge May 11th
Campbell Mackenzie: The Forgotten Physician
Clive Gingell: The Sex Offender – Is There an Alternative to Prison?
Summer Social Gathering Zoo July 7th
Ordinary Meeting The Problems of Drug-Taking in Sport Oct 26th
Mr Peter Coni OBE QC
Ordinary Meeting Taking Children’s Rights Seriously Nov 23rd
AGM Ivor Doney in lieu of Prof Freeman (DNA)


Ordinary Meeting The Princes in the Tower Jan 28th
Dr Theya Molleson
Annual Dinner The Council House Feb 26th
Speaker: Sir David Innes-Williams FRCS, Chairman ICRF
Ordinary Meeting Strange Tales From Canada and Australia March 26th
Prof Derrick Pounder: Dept of Forensic Pathology, Dundee
Members’ Papers John Westacott: Conciliation in Divorce: A Contradiction in Terms? May 19th
Ian Bailey: Should there be legally required requests for organ donation?
Ken Gibson: Payment of experts’ fees – avoiding the pitfalls
David McCoy: Spencer Wells
Summer Social Gathering Zoo July 21st
Ordinary Meeting Genetic Fingerprinting Oct 5th
Mr Ron Yaxley, Cellmark Diagnostics
Ordinary Meeting Forensic Aspects of Documents Nov 24th
Mr David Ellis, Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory
AGM Elected President: HH Judge John da Cunha


Ordinary Meeting Heads and Tales Jan 29th
Mr Richard Neave
Annual Dinner The Council House Feb 27th
Speaker: Dr Douglas Acres OBE: Chairman, The Magistrates’ Association
Ordinary Meeting Current Issues In Sentencing March 26th
Dr DA Thomas LLD, Trinity Hall, Cambridge
Members’ Papers Rupert Bursell QC: The Water Newton Hoard May 21st
Clive Gingell FRCS: Impotence – Fact Or Fiction?
David Ransom: Pure, White and Deadly
Summer Social Gathering The Downs School, Wraxall July 18th
Ordinary Meeting The Hindawi Case Sept 28th
Mr Gilbert Gray QC
Ordinary Meeting Medico-Legal aspects of Biblical Deaths Nov 26th
AGM Dr David Filer MD, Police Surgeon


Ordinary Meeting Psychiatrist at a Siege Jan 16th
Prof John Gunn, Professor of Forensic Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry
Annual Dinner The Council House Feb 28th
Speaker: Prof Eric Wilkes, Professor.of General Practice, University of
Ordinary Meeting The Gorgei Markov Case March 27th
Mr Robin Keeley, Metropolitan Police Laboratory
Members’ Papers Dr Peter Trafford: Dartmoor Prison and the American Prisoners in 1813-15 May 15th
Mr Dudley Thomas: Humour in the Court
Dr Robin Weller: Don’t even get ill abroad
Summer Social Gathering Hiatt Baker Hall July 4th
Ordinary Meeting Sir Samuel Garth, the Dispensary Poet Sep25th
Sir Christopher Booth
Ordinary Meeting Prosecution – In the Public Interest? Nov 27th
Dr Jacqueline Tombs
AGM Elected President: Dr Ivor Doney


Ordinary Meeting Surgery in the Egyptian Old Kingdom Jan 17th
Professor John Nunn, Dept of Anaesthesia, Clinical Research Centre, Harrow
Annual Dinner The Council House Feb 22nd
Speaker: Professor Alan Usher OBE FRCPath
Ordinary Meeting In the Underworld March 21st
Professor Laurie Taylor, Dept of Sociology, University of York
Members’ Papers Professor John Clamp: Sailing Under False Colours May 16th
Professor Gordon Stirrat: Capable of Being Born Alive
Dr Robert Reeves: Wives Who Kill Their Husbands
Summer Social Gathering Gatcombe Court July 5th
Ordinary Meeting Forensic Mythology Oct 17th
Professor Bernard Knight, University of Wales College of Medicine
Ordinary Meeting Judging Women Nov 21st
AGM Dr Pat Carlen, Department of Law, University of Keele


Ordinary Meeting The Shroud of Turin Jan 19th
Prof James Cameron FRCPath, Department of Forensic Medicine, The London Hospital
Annual Dinner The Council House Feb 24th
Speaker: Gilbert Gray QC
Symposium Drug Abuse March 15th
Chairman: Dr Martin Gay FRCPsych, Consultant Child Psychiatrist
Chief Inspector Tim Bryan, Head Avon and Somerset Drug Squad
Dr Julie Parker, Research Registrar, Avon Drug Abuse Monitoring Project
Dr Robert Reaves, Consultant Psychiatrist
Mr Dudley Thomas, Solicitor, Trump and Partners
Members’ Papers Tim Chambers: Treatment of Renal Failure in Children May 17th
Brian Cummins: Common Problems in Head Injury
Michael Furmston: Informed Consent
Ivor Doney: ‘Please Pardon the Smell’
Summer Social Gathering Wills Hall July 6th
Ordinary Meeting ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Oct 18th
Professor David Bowen, Forensic Pathologist, Charing Cross Hospital Medical School
Ordinary Meeting The Role of the Firearms Examiner Nov 15th
Mr Peter Prescott, Forensic Science Laboratory, Huntingdon
AGM Elected President Mr Charles Clarke


Ordinary Meeting ‘The Right to Recover’ Jan 20th
Dr John Wall; Secretary, Medical Defence Union
Annual Dinner The Council House Feb 25th
Speaker: Prof Alan Usher, Home Office Pathologist
Ordinary Meeting The Right to Life March 17th
Michael Bell MA Chairman, Association of Lawyers for the Defence of the Unborn
Members’ Papers Mr Jeffrey Phillips: The Bristol Accident Advice Scheme May 19th
Dr Yvonne Wiley: ‘Unfit To Plead’
Dr Peter Trafford: Diminished Responsibility
Summer Social Meeting Hiatt Baker Hall July 8th
Speaker: Dr John Parkes BBC: Wildlife through the Camera
Ordinary Meeting ‘Don’t Die Abroad’ – The problems of investigating death from overseas Oct 20th
Dr Michael Green, Dept of Forensic Medicine, University of Leeds
Ordinary Meeting Dialect and Voice Identification Nov 19th
AGM Mr Stanley Ellis MA MIL, School of English, University of Leeds


Ordinary Meeting The Yorkshire Ripper Jan 21st
Prof DJ Gee
Annual Dinner Royal West of England Academy Feb 26th
Guimarra Cabernet Sauvignon Speaker: Richard Du Cann QC
Ordinary Meeting The Armoury of the Terrorist March 18th
Mr HJ Yallop OBE, MSc FRIC
Members’ Papers May 20th
Summer Social Gathering July 2nd
Ordinary Meeting What You Eat Is My Business Sept 16th
Mr Braxton Reynolds; Public Analyst, Devon County Council
Ordinary Meeting The Development of Victim Support Services Nov 18th
Dame Helen Reeves; National Officer, National Association of Victims Support Schemes
AGM Elected President: HH Judge Sir Ian Lewis
Beaujolais nouveau Subscription raised to £6


Ordinary Meeting Does Murder Have a Message? Jan 15th
Dr AC Hunt, Home Office Pathologist
Annual Dinner Royal West of England Academy Feb 27th
Speaker: Sir Reginald Murley PRCS
Ordinary Meeting Dr Gisli Gudjonson:, Institute of Psychiatry, University of London March 19th
Lie Detection
Members’ Papers David Berry: Whose skull was this? May 14th
Roderick Denyer: Nervous shock
Philip Goulding: What to do with a drunken partner
Summer Social Meeting Goldney Hall; Bristol Early Music Consort
Ordinary Meeting Confessional Evidence: ‘That’s not what I meant to say’. Sept 17th
Dr AMP Kellam, Consultant Psychiatrist
Ordinary Meeting The Royal Commission: Misguided Reform of the Criminal System. Nov 19th
AGM Dr John Baldwin, Dr Michael McConville, Birmingham University Faculty of Law


Ordinary Meeting Recent Progress in the Scientific Detection of Crime
Mr S Kind Jan 17th
Annual Dinner Royal West of England Academy
Pisse Dru 1979 Speaker The Rt Hon Lord Justice (Fred) Lawton Feb 29th
Members’ Papers Mr ERF Deal: Motoring Law May 29th
Dr Ivor Doney: ‘Poisoning can be fun!’
Dr J Naish: Hysteria
Dr PA Trafford: Dartmoor Prison in the 1860s
Summer Social Gathering Goldney Hall July 4th
Ordinary Meeting Role of the Expert Witness Called by the Defence Sept 18th
Dr Julius Grant
Ordinary Meeting Sexual Violence, Fact or Fantasy? November 21st
Mrs Margaret Puxon MD FRCOG Barrister
AGM Elected President Prof David Berry MDS PhD


Ordinary Meeting Cancelled: bad weather Jan 19th
Ordinary Meeting Operation Julie March 16th
Ian Kennedy QC
Annual Dinner Royal West of England Academy Feb 23rd
Speaker: Sir Michael Swann FRS, Chairman, the BBC
Members’ Papers Dr Robin Weller: Arsenic to Anaesthesia May 10th
Mr RJ Grogan: Tyre Marks as Evidence
Mr Hugh Roberts: Metallic implants in the Human Body
Summer Social Meeting The Bishops Palace, Wells June 29th
Ordinary Meeting Clues at the Scene Sept 20th
Prof Keith Simpson
Ordinary Meeting Crime and Personality Dec 6th
Prof HJ Eynsenk


Annual Dinner Royal West of England Academy Feb 17th
Speaker: HH Judge McCreary
Summer Social Gathering The Bishops’ Palace, Wells June
Ordinary Meeting Organised Crime Sep 21st
Det Chief Inspector  George Barton, Coordinator, South West Regional Crime Squad
Ordinary Meeting; Poisoning Forensically, Some Reflections and Doubts Nov 16th
Dr Roy Goulding, Director, Poisons Unit, New Cross Hospital
AGM Elected President: Prof John Mitchell
Wine Tasting Harveys Wine Museum Dec 6th


Annual Dinner Royal West of England Academy Feb 25th
Ch Grangey 1962 Speaker Barry Hudson QC
Members’ Papers Legal Aspects of Family Breakdown: Mr Geoffrey Parmenter Apr 20th
Homicide in Porphyria: Dr Peter Trafford
Preparation of Medical Reports: Mr James Black
Summer Social Gathering The Bishops’ Palace, Wells July 15th
Ordinary Meeting How Much force Was Required To Produce This Injury? Sep 22nd
Prof Bernard Knight
Ordinary Meeting The Black Panther Trial Nov 18th
Mr Gilbert Gray QC


Annual Dinner Dragonara Hotel Feb 27th
Speaker Mr William Rees-Mogg. Editor, The Times
Ordinary Meeting Shortage of Transplant Organs: Medical and Legal Aspects May 5th
Prof Roy Yorke Calne FRS
Ordinary Meeting Senior Vice Squad Officer: Drug Abuse Sept 30th
AGM Elected President: The Hon Mr Justice Park
Ordinary Meeting Mr Donald Hawkins, HM Deputy Coroner: Function of the Coroner’s Office Nov 12th
9 vintages of Ch Batailly Wine Tasting: Mr John Avery
Ordinary Meeting The Role and Work of the Private Forensic Scientist Dec 2nd
Dr Julius Grant


Inaugural Dinner: Dragonara Hotel Feb 28th
Speaker The Rt Hon Lord Justice Ormerod
The Original Council President Dr John Apley
Secretaries   Mr Hugh Roberts (medical)
Mr Malcolm Cotterill (legal)
Members Mr Richard Gaskell, Mr Ken Gibson, Mr James Black,
Dr Jim Barber, Dr Ian Bailey, Mr Jack Ross
Symposium: Road Accidents Invited speaker Dr GH McKay:, Reader in Traffic Safety, Univ of Reading October 22nd
     with  Mr H Griffiths: New light on concussion
   Mr RW Hiles: Facial injuries
   Mr PH Roberts: Intrusion injuries of lower limbs
   Mr P Fallon QC: Legal aspects