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Next event: Thursday 16 April 2015 – The BMLS Ethical Debate

Debating the issue of assisted dying, with a team from Bristol University

With special thanks to our Committee Member, Eugene Lloyd, we look forward to bringing you the BMLS Ethical Debate for our next supper meeting. This is a new idea which we are piloting and we would welcome your support with this event. Prizes will be awarded by our sponsor, Janus Financial Consultancy.

We have 4 medical / law students from Bristol University who will be debating the motion “This house believes that competent adults who are terminally ill should be provided at their request with specified assistance to end their own life.”

Tim, our President and Judith, our Vice President will be judging and giving feedback to the debaters, but we would like some audience participation in as much as we will be taking a vote before and afterwards to see whether the students have successfully swayed your views!

There will be supper beforehand as usual. We really hope as many of you as possible come along to support this event as the students have worked very hard in preparing for it. Hopefully it will a lively and thought provoking evening!
For further information, please see HERE.